Chihuahua Puppies and Children!

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Children and Small Chihuahuas ( maturing under 5 pounds) do not mix.

This is not necessarily because the Chihuahua might be aggressive towards children, but because toddlers and small children can easily fall or drop a toy on a Chihuahua, or kick a Chi when suddenly racing across the room, or slamming a door on it.

Hidden Dangers

Your young children might not understand completely the care involved in having a puppy companion. A sad reality is that many Chihuahuas succumb to broken bones and death at the hands of unsuspecting children who are just wanting to "play" with the puppy. The small size of these tiny pups enables children to pick them up easily, play too rough or forget that they're around. Dropping Chihuahua puppies and dogs can result easily in death. Older children who can understand the rules of playing with a very small puppy, and who can be taught the proper ways to hold and interact with pups may make for ideal companions to even the smallest pups.

A Chihuahua can instinctively sense that a toddler or child is comparatively speaking, uncoordinated and "out of control" and can pose a danger. This is especially true as children are more uncoordinated and clumsy than adults.

Chihuahuas are not only small, but the vast majority of Chihuahuas have a soft-spot on top of their head, making them more prone to injury. Even a child that means well and loves the little dog can accidentally hurt the tiny breed by hugging a Chihuahua too hard or dropping it. Also, children move quickly and impulsively, and can kick or step on a Chihuahua when they run across the room. An active family, however well-meaning, can be very hard on a Chi.

The mother, who already has enough to do in the family, would have the worrisome task of "watching out for the Chihuahua" around the clock on a daily basis added to her responsibilities.


A Chihuahua puppy who is raised with young children may very well become fearful of children due to the roughhousing and typical child behaviors. Young children, such as toddlers and preschoolers, don't naturally understand how to pet or play with a dog. Pulling on fur or tails, or jumping on a dog during play all are common behaviors, but are potentially dangerous nonetheless.

If you decide to adopt a Chihuahua puppy into your home, always supervise your children around these small dogs. Allow your puppy a safe place to go outside of the reach and noise of your children. Work with your children on the proper ways to hold and play with your puppy to help prevent tragedies.

For families that wish to get a small dog, we would recommend getting a larger sized Chihuahua that is a little more sturdy. The larger sized Chihuahuas are also loving and make great companions for the whole family. The bonus would be that daily life at home would be more relaxing while the children grow up.